June 27, 2022

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Who is God? 1 John 4:8 – But anyone who does not love does not know God, for God is love.

Who Is God? God the Son: Our Redeemer – Bible Breath, S3 E5 // Time of Grace

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Have you ever wondered how much someone would be willing to pay for you? Well, someone already paid a ransom for you. Here’s why.

Welcome to Bible Breath, our almost-weekly Bible basics series where Pastor Jeremy helps us dig into the Word of God to help us catch our breath for whatever’s coming next.

1:28 – Hosea the prophet
1:48 – God arranged Hosea’s marriage
2:48 – Ever wonder how much someone would be willing to pay for you?
3:13 – Bible buzzword: redemption
4:00 – Review: sin – we are born spiritually dead
4:18 – Review: sin – the wages of sin is death
4:43 – sin entered the world because we have an enemy
5:18 – sin, death, and Satan: they will always show up in our lives
6:23 – how Jesus redeemed us
7:15 – the ransom Jesus gave
7:49 – why such a large ransom price?
9:11 – why the shedding of blood is so important
9:53 – the Day of Atonement
12:00 – a picture of what Jesus would one day do
13:13 – Jesus saved us humbly
16:24 – 6 Steps of Jesus’ Humiliation
18:13 – Bible buzzword: humiliation
18:43 – Hosea’s wife
20:29 – Jesus bought us
21:29 – the point of arranging Hosea’s marriage

Source: Time of Grace Ministry

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