August 18, 2022

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Who is God? 1 John 4:8 – But anyone who does not love does not know God, for God is love.

Who Is God? God the Holy Spirit: Faith Worker – Bible Breath, S3 E7 // Time of Grace

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The Holy Spirit is invisible and works behind the scenes. But that doesn’t mean he’s not important. Pastor Jeremy teaches about the necessity and reality of the Holy Spirit.

Welcome to Bible Breath, our almost-weekly Bible basics series where Pastor Jeremy helps us dig into the Word of God to help us catch our breath for whatever’s coming next.

0:45 – review of the Holy Trinity
1:39 – an illustration of how the Holy Spirit works
3:03 – why the work of the Holy Spirit is an important gift God gives us
5:36 – the reality of all are invited but not everyone gets in
7:11 – the result of sin
7:49 – spiritually blind
8:42 – spiritual enemies of God
9:39 – Bible buzzword: natural condition
10:00 – what our natural condition means for us
11:30 – the second thing our natural condition means for us
12:13 – the third thing our natural condition means for us
13:16 – what about the jailer at Philippi?
15:55 – the sharing and hearing of a message is how faith comes
17:04 – how someone comes through saving faith
18:08 – the Holy Spirit’s work of conversion and born again
18:44 – the Holy Spirit’s work enlightenment
19:24 – how do you really know the Holy Spirit is working in your life?
20:42 – the danger of these questions
21:55 – the best way to evaluate if you’re saved

Source: Time of Grace Ministry

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