June 27, 2022

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Matt Maher – Love Came Down To Bethlehem (Yule Log)

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Cozy up around the fire and listen to "Love Came Down To Bethlehem" by Matt Maher!

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Love came down to Bethlehem
While the world was sleeping
Love came down to make amends
For all creation’s weeping

He that sang the stars to life
He the word became a cry
Rejoice, rejoice, glory to God
Hallelujah, Gloria

King of Heaven’s high estate
Child in lowly manger
His the privilege to forsake
To welcome in the stranger

Born to heal the bonds of men
Born that we be born again
Rejoice, rejoice, glory to God
Heaven and nature singing together
Glory to God, Hallelujah

Heaven and nature
Angels and shepherds
Wise men and beggars
Praise to the savior
Forever and ever

Matt Maher, Jon Guerra
© 2018 Matt Maher Designee (BMI); Harvest Worship Songs / Jaguerra Songs / Sixtyfourfifteen Music / Be Essential Songs (BMI). Admin at EssentialMusicPublishing.com

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