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Today, we've selected some mass animal death headlines for April 2016; the rest will be going into our April 2016 Worldwide End Times Signs video; click HERE to watch ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhhUvSg4mVA&list=PLQQJEuGHoKRVXBcND8sRP-c8akq9KtArJ&index=1

All headlines taken from http://www.end-times-prophecy.org/animal-deaths-birds-fish-end-times.html

4th April Mexico - 700 black turtles have been found dead along the Guerrero coast between February and March

7th April Bangladesh - Storm kills 5,000 birds in Jessore

11th April Chile - Millions of Sardines die

11th April Thailand - Hundreds of villagers gathered in Lampang on Sunday after thousands of fish were found dead in the Nam Wang river.

12th April Mexico - 79 dead turtles found in Vallarta

18th April Gulf coast - Spike in dead sea turtles washing ashore on Gulf Coast puzzles researchers.

19th April Thailand - 100 turtles died, perhaps due to the hot weather.

20th April Panama - 50 dolphins were stranded, 10 dead on a Panama beach

21st April Nigeria - Bird flu: Plateau closes 62 farms, destroys 190,000 birds

22nd April Malaysia - Fish Breeders incurred losses, this is due to the death of 200,000 Tilapia

23rd April Colombia - More than 70 tons (140000 pounds) of dead fish have been found

25th April Cambodia - Tonnes of fish killed by heat in Kampong Thom - die-off estimated at 65 tonnes of fish

25th April India - Oppressive heat takes a toll on fish - 40 tonnes of fish perish

26th April Iraq - Iraq reports first bird flu outbreaks in 10 years - Nearly 720,000 birds died as a result of the outbreaks

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